General Comments

  • The SMAC Automotive Forum – Throughout the year, SMAC will be organizing special evening events, focusing on a range of topics related to cars and car ownership: collecting, racing, rallying, restoration, insurance, maintenance, etc. These events will be located in and around Zurich.
  • The Collectors– Visits to important private car collections, in and around Switzerland.
  • The Dream Makers – Events dedicated to “the stuff dreams are made of” – visits to car and watch manufacturers, wine and culinary courses, travel and yachting.


Scheduled events

Get Togethers at the Lakeside (Sushi, drinks and good conversation) – Second Tuesday of Feb, April, June, September and November.

26 January – SMAC New Year Celebration at Haute, Zürich

22 February – Introduction to car rallying – a team of experts will cover all aspects of rally types, cars, preparation, skills, insurance, etc.

9 March – Geneva Auto Salon

12 March – Introduction to car rallying – a team of experts will cover all aspects of rally types, cars, preparation, skills, insurance, etc.

13 April – 3rd Annual SMAC Grand Prix – Kart Track Rümlang.

12 May – SMAC Spring Rally. Practice your rally skills on the road. Location: St. Moritz. One day or overnight.

25-27 May – Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este

6 or 7 June – Sotheby’s event – Collecting watches and Jewelry – at Sotheby’s Zürich

30 August – 2 September – The SMAC/Kulm Rally – in St. Mortiz

September – Everything you need to know about purchasing, maintaining and driving a Ferrari – With presentations by dealers, mechanics and a collector. To be held at Garage Speich (Seefeld, Zürich).

October – Visit to the world famous, Christian Jenny private Jaguar collection.

Plus other surprises.



27 January – The SMAC New Year Celebration at the Haute, Zürich

12 Feb – Second Monday – Park Hyatt, Zurich

24 Feb – The second annual SMAC Grand Prix – Kart-Bahn Rümlang

15 March – SMAC Automotive Forum – Bentley – Schmohl, Glattpark

16 March – Geneva Auto Salon (date subject to change)

10 April – Second Monday – Park Hyatt, Zurich

26 April – SMAC Automotive Forum – Porsche, Porsche Classics, Schlieren

8 May – Second Monday – Park Hyatt, Zurich

26-28 May – Concorso d’Eleganza, Villa d’Este, Italy

12 June – Second Monday – at the Lake Side Restaurant. Last gathering before the Summer holidays. Wives/partners are very welcome.

July – St. Moritz Jazz Festival – 2 nights in St. Moritz, at the Kulm, with two evenings of Jazz. Dates will be posted as soon as we have the 2017 performance schedule.

2-3 September – Arosa ClassicCar – Arosa (under discussion)

11 September – Second Monday – Lakeside, Zurich

27 September – The St. Moritz Automotive Forum – “Cars at Auction” – Everything you ever wanted to know about selling or buying cars at auction. This event is in collaboration with RM Sotheby’s and Sotheby’s Zürich.

7-8 October – Fall Rally – Ticino – Great food, wines, and drives

9 October – Second Monday – Lakeside, Zurich

13 November – Second Monday – Lakeside, Zurich

11 December – Second Monday – Lakeside, Zurich

Additional events may be scheduled and some dates may change.


January 7 ‐ 1st Thursday get together ‐ Lakeside, Zurich

January 16‐17 ‐ Winterfahrtraining, Zernez, GR

February 4 ‐ 1st Thursday get togehter ‐ Lakeside, Zurich

February 11 ‐ SMAC New Year Celebration (SMAC‐NYC) ‐ at the Haute

March  2 ‐ Geneva Auto Salon ‐ Press preview day

March 3 ‐ 1st Thursday get together ‐ Lakeside, Zurich

April 7‐ 1st Thursday get together ‐ Lakeside, Zurich

April 1 ‐ AMG Factory

May 5 ‐ 1st Thursday get together ‐ Lakeside, Zurich

May 20‐22 ‐ Villa dʹEste Concorso dʹEleganza, Como, Italy

June 2 ‐ 1st Thursday get together ‐ Lakeside, Zurich  June

Sept 1 ‐ 1st Thursday get together ‐ Lakeside, Zurich

September 9‐11 ‐ Goodwood Revival, England

October 10 ‐ 2nd Monday get together ‐ Lakeside, Zurich

October 21 –  The Collectors. Visit to Dr. Norbert Seeger’s magnificent collection of Rolls Royce and Bentley motorcars. Liechtenstein.

November 14 ‐ 2nd Monday get together ‐ Lakeside, Zurich

December 12 – Second Monday – Christmas Cheer – Park Hyatt Hotel, Zurich – at the Bar.