The Club

St. Moritz is more than a place; St. Moritz is a state of mind.

St. Moritz represents a unique blend of adventure, sophistication, and style. The St. Moritz Automobile Club – SMAC – reflects these qualities. While other car clubs are narrowly focused on a single marque, and membership requires only car ownership or even merely an interest in the brand, SMAC is broadly focused on the thrill and magic of automobiles, past and present. SMAC members, living throughout Switzerland and internationally, own, drive and often race a wide range of classics and high performance autos. Being a member of SMAC allows one to share this passion with a select group of fellow enthusiasts, in an ambiance that reflects their values and lifestyle.


Steering Committee

Kenneth Youngstein, President / Director of Communications

Michael Burch, Vice President / Director of Finance.

Urs Thomann, Director of Event Planning.

Peter Sundt, Director of Membership.

Gian Luigi Cavalli, Director of Marketing.


Club Statutes

You can find our club statutes here.



Membership is open to all car enthusiasts, regardless of the type or brand of cars they drive or collect. Members may be living in Switzerland or not.

In addition to the pride of being a SMAC member and the companionship of other SMAC members, membership includes:

  • Access to all Club events
  • Permission to display the SMAC car badge and other SMAC branded items
  • A special car insurance scheme – offered by Lloyds
  • Discounts from Club Friends

The annual Member’s Fee is:

  • CHF 450 for new members for first year
  • CHF 900 for individuals living in Switzerland
  • CHF 700 or individuals living outside of Switzerland
  • CHF 4,000 for a corporate membership, covering 5 transferable memberships

Applicants for membership must be supported by 2 active SMAC members.

If you wish to apply for membership, download an application, here.

Complete the application and send it to:

Or, by Post

Mr. Peter Sundt
Membership Director
St. Moritz Automobile Club
Othmarstrasse 8
8024 Zürich



St. Moritz Automobile Club
Kulm Hotel
Via Veglia 18
CH-7500 St. Moritz

Tel: +41 81 833 45 45
Fax: +41 81 833 46 46